Mission Statement

We want to create more wealth for families.




To use our coordinated networks of financial services to provide a wealth building plan of financial security for our clients.



Strategic Partners


Consulting and Education Services

We know that trust is earned through proof over time. At FLG, we take the time to explain the how and why of the advice we provide. Financial literacy can replace financial superstition, if you are willing.

Some of the educational material we provide includes:

  1. How to rescue your 401-K or IRA from the “shock market”

  2. Legal Tax “Loopholes” / Pro-active tax planning strategies

  3. Use Your Mortgage as a powerful financial “weapon”

  4. Foreclosure defense, short sale, loan modification--what the bank’s loss mitigation department doesn’t want you to know

  5. Secrets of debt restructuring, and credit restoration

  6. Real estate and business investing and brokerage services

  7. Protecting assets from predators, creditors, and evil in-laws

  8. Why lawyers love probate, and why you shouldn’t

None of this is rocket science…but knowledge is power. Wealthy people teach it to their children. FLG can be a powerful resource for you.

Here are Links to a few of the tools we use: