Mission Statement

We want to create more wealth for families.




To use our coordinated networks of financial services to provide a wealth building plan of financial security for our clients.



Strategic Partners


Are you where you thought you would be?

Are you tired of watching our Congress look the other way while the Wall Street boys and Big Banks use your money to finance their personal back room get rich quick schemes? Are you unhappy with the state of things but are not sure how to get control of your financial issues? Do you still hope for the wisdom and the tools to build a more secure life?

Financial Literacy Group offers safe, proven, understandable success strategies and a complimentary consultation to help you craft your own personal plan to build and protect wealth. We think you will like our friendly, needs based “coaching” approach and the huge toolbox of financial solutions we can provide. Discover the FLG difference. We look forward to finding out how much we can do for you….